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Honoring women human rights defenders in the Cordillera

In commemoration of International Women Human Rights Day (November 29), the 16-Day Campaign to End Violence against Women (IDEVAW) and International Human Rights Day (December 10), the Cordillera Women’s Education, Action Research Center (CWEARC) together with the Women Working for Justice and Peace (JAPNET)  organized a tribute to women human rights defenders in the Cordillera  on December 12, 2021. The tribute honored Women of Courage  for their steadfast commitment for indigenous peoples’ rights, women’s rights and social justice in the  region. The  event especially paid tribute to pioneers and women elders of the women’s movement in the Cordillera, and their exemplary, undisputed services to the Cordillera peoples in their struggle towards self-determination and defense of their land, rights and resources. Dearly departed women of courage who, in their lifetime, offered their unwavering services to the cause of the Cordillera peoples were also remembered and honored.

May we be continue to draw strength and inspiration from their fortitude to withstand and overcome the challenges of the times!