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As part of its continuing public advocacy on women’s rights, CWEARC released a series of IEC materials online on salient provisions of the Magna Carta of Women or Republic Act 9710.  The IEC materials were developed by the first batch of creative and energetic BA Communication interns from the University of the Cordilleras (UC), with whom CWEARC had the pleasure of working with. The project is part of the institutional partnership of CWEARC with the UC-College of Arts and Sciences. The interns optimized the Tiktok application for these IEC materials, which you can find in the following links:

Part 1/4: Introduction and Importance
Part 2/4: Nondiscriminatory and Nonderogatory Portrayal of Women in Media
Part 3/4: Equal Access & Elimination of Discrimination in Education, Scholarships, & Training
Part 4/4: Protection from Violence

Tiktok: https://t.co/rkGFvKIPD2